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Official Timeline of Galax

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Official Timeline of Galax Empty Official Timeline of Galax

Post by Rena on Sat May 03, 2014 4:30 pm

AUW 3064. Galax is born to parents Leon and Sasha Steel.

3079. Aged 15, Galax joins the Hunter's Guild, officially registered as a FOmar - FOrce, Human, Male.

3080-3084. Galax discovers the fate of Red Ring Rico, and is forced to fight Dark Falz in to submission with two allies: Corinthian, a RAmar [RAnger, Human, Male], and Beril, a HUmar [HUnter, Human, Male.] After the trio delivers the news of Rico's demise to Principal Tyrell, her father, the three pursue different paths in life. Galax was picked up by the government.

3085-3109. Galax investigates the disappearance of Heathcliff Flowen and general mysteries surrounding Gal da Val island. Successfully locates what was once Heathcliff Flowen - now the monstrosity known as Olga Flow - and is forced in to single combat with the beast. Galax is left badly shaken by the encounter, and in 3109 puts in his official resignation.

3115. Galax is kidnapped by the organization known as Black Paper, and used to test an experimental teleportation system. The resulting damage sends him not only back in time, but to a different timeline and planet altogether.


1166 CE. Shortly after Frenchamn Chretien de Troyes becomes the first man to condense the legendary Arthurian History, Galax arrives through the explosion of Time and Space, directly in to a crowded street. Given the timeframe, he is set upon by the locals; It does not help that he uses magic to defend himself.

Herein lies a relatively blank period. All that is known is that Time did not pass regularly for Galax, but skipped and jumped about, as well as that he was recruited by Lord Thirteen to take the Test of Titles; After such, he became the third generation Seventh Sage.

Galax's memories of these days are fragmented across many lands and times, suggesting that the explosion that landed him here also landed portions of his mind elsewhere, manifesting as new people; a theory later confirmed by Galax hunting these down to rebuild his mind properly.


????? ??

Galax joins the GUARDIANs. Participates in three all out wars against the SEED, as well as the Endrum Collective Remnants, various Rogue groups, and the Illuminus. Dates are not known.

Some 20 years past this. Galax is easily in his 70s now, but looks closer to 30. His true age - the combined years of experience and life between all his manifested and regained minds - is now near his current age of 2,500. He is a retired GUARDIAN, and a high priority target for many who would see him killed. Because of this, he lives deep in the GUARDIANs Colony, guarded by several layers of tech-based security, physical obstacles, and guards from the New Rogues, Alliance Military Force, and GUARDIANs alike - elite troops all. The few tidbits that can be heard when Galax forgets to seal his door properly are eerie notes and the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. All who hear anything request time off to deal with an unexpected grief.

Less than five years later...

Date ???? ?????

Galax receives a request to participate in the Fourth Lololo War. Images are sent showing a Resistance Force marching on a castle, fighting a variety of foes from different times and universes entirely...Many of them heroes in their own right. Power sealed, mind tired, and flesh unwilling, Galax sadly reads through, before a small series of events convince him to take part.


Future: After the Fourth Lololo War.

Now fully realized as the Seventh Sage once again, Galax is more reserved in his meddling with the lives of others. He puts on a bright face for his friends, and shows an eccentric attitude for their benefit, but beneath that mask is the soul of a man thrice broken beyond repair.

He mostly hangs around NESHQ, and is aware of happenings both near and yet separate from it. So far, he has not participated in these events.

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