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Oy. Saying hello.

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Oy. Saying hello. Empty Oy. Saying hello.

Post by Rena on Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:29 am

Okay. Introductions.
...I hate introductions. Nervewracking things. Regardless...

I'm Galax. If you don't like that name, I'm also called Juno and Migit. No, I'm not called Migit because I'm short (I'm 6ft), I'm called Migit because I had a RAmar (RAnger Human Male) on a game called Phantasy Star Online (PSO). Blue Burst, to be specific. I named him Migitgun because...well, he was the minimum height and used guns. Whaddya expect? Other than that, nicknames from the above are Gal, Graax, Miti, Mitigun, Littleman, and Jeneral. The last one is the only nickname anyone made up for me when I ran with the name Juno. Also, I should note that I created that character on PSUniverse -before- the preggo chick movie came out. By months, as a matter of fact. And that I named him after the final boss of the first Megaman Legends.

Other things, let's see...

I like words; I have social anxiety; I initially made an account to try and help Meta with his NES character, with which I failed miserably and was of no use at all; I stayed on because I like the chatbox and it's more active than the AToL: IV wiki chatbox and the Ushi no Tane chatbox combined.

I won't be joining NES. Due to a bit of history with RPs, I no longer do so. I also absolutely refuse to disclose the events that led to this decision, as it hits extremely close to home to even IMPLY that it even happened - that is to say, it's a terribly painful memory that I cannot drag up, much less talk about, without almost crying. It's just...a self-forbidden subject.

I read a lot. I'm eagerly awaiting the next Heroes of Olympus book by Rick Riordan, as well as Day 3 of the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, titled The Doors of Stone. I got the Relic Master books for Christmas - all four of them...and I finished them in two and a half days. I would have been faster, but we were in the car for five hours, so I opted to put on headphones and listen to music for most of the trip. Otherwise, I was leveling in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

For reference, however...When I first picked up The Wise Man's Fear, I read 300 pages in an hour and a half. The Relic Master series (quadrology? Is it a Saga by this point? I don't know if there's another word for a four-book series) was roughly 200 to 300 pages per book, and they were in pairs for the set I got (like with the Seventh Tower series, putting three books in to one thick one each). Roughly 1,000 pages total. Just edging in to two days.

Other than that, I also sing. Not often, due to the fact that I'm only really comfortable singing when alone, and...Well I'm never really alone. I also game. I have a special love of Harvest Moon and Phantasy Star. Phantasy Star introduced me to online gaming with PSO Episode I&II for the Xbox. Harvest Moon introduced me to peaceful, open-ended gameplay with Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

However...as great as both of those are, I also fell in love with Megaman Battle Network.

WARNING: GEEKOUT BELOW. Not exactly relevant, lengthy, and only typed because I can't resist. Feel free to skip it.

The combat system was a seemingly unique mix of turn based strategy and real time combat. At the start of each battle, you were shown 5 attack (and in some cases, support) icons that were randomly pulled from your 30-slot folder. You could choose the same ones (sword + sword) or you could choose the same letter code (Cannon B + Step Sword B). Then you exited the Custom Screen and fought whatever was opposing you in real time on a 6x3 grid. 9 panels for you, 9 panels for them.

It led me to think more. If I didn't beat a boss, I didn't just throw myself at him again, trusting my lineup. I rebuilt my folder with new Battlechips I'd gained, or brought back old ones. I wrote down my current strategy somewhere for reference, then tried a new one. It was...amazingly fun and interactive. Couple this with there being 200 Standard class chips, 30+ Mega-Class, and 5 Giga-class (not to mention the 20 more hidden V5 Boss chips), and you had a king's feast of things to try. Combine THAT with the various Style Changes, DoubleSouls, and later, ChaosUnisons, and you had one helluva ride. One style introduced various bugs to Megaman; You might start a battle invincible, but forced to walk to the top or bottom of the field every time you let go of a movement button. You could start with all 10 Custom Screen chip slots open, but find yourself lost HP at a constant rate of 1HP/second in battle. Of course, you could also get all of the positive bugs and none of the negative ones - your Buster would max out, your Custom screen was fully open, you start off the fight invincible AND invisible...Doesn't happen often, but it can. DoubleSouls replaced Style Changes, with a turn limit on how long you could use it. Like Style Changes, Double Souls stuck around for two games - 4 and 5. They were replaced with LinkCrosses in BN6, which had no turn limit, but were still only usable once per battle per Cross. Combining a Cross with BeastOut gave you unique charge abilities - charge a Fire element chip with HeatCross, and you would spray seven panels with fire. Unfortunately, once Beast Out wore off (3 turns, like DoubleSouls), that cross would be unusable for the rest of the battle.

It also introduced a true Limit Break...Beast Over. For one turn, you were wholly invincible to any and all attacks, but you also had absolutely NO CONTROL over Megaman. At the end of the turn (10 seconds normally, 15 with SlowGauge in effect), the Custom Screen would automatically open, and you'd be unable to Beast Out or use a LinkCross for the rest of the fight. In addition, your HP would drain to 1 in a matter of seconds, due to the Exhausted status in the Emotion Window. It's a last ditch Limit Break; If you don't win with that, prepare to lose.

Okay, with that out of the way...Hi. I'm Galax. Don't call me Galaxy or we're going to have a problem.

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