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Arctus's main plan

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Arctus's main plan Empty Arctus's main plan

Post by 9kirby99 on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:39 pm

okay, we've all been wondering, what is arctus's plan that he's been doing is, right? Well this is where we can post ideas and edit other people's ideas to our liking until we find a good plan. If anyone has ideas, don't be shy to post.

Here's my idea, it's not finished, I just want you guys to edit yourselves into it. this is just the part that involves me:

An old Kirbyville legend states: In an older time, the Ruling of 1kirby11, there was a wizard named Golithies. He was ridiculaed by the public due to his backround and general mayhem he caused by accident. One day, he decided to get even with the kingdom. He stole three sacred items: The Silver Platter, which alows the Platter's master to summon items for his master, but onl little things, like documents, food, and things like that. He also stole the Belt of Treansformation, which alowed the wearer to change who he is at will. The final Item was the Crown of the King, which gave the Current King of Kirbyville his magical powers. The Platter, the Belt, and the Crown belonged to the King's Butler, the King's kirby brother, and the King, respectively. Golithies used a spell of Darkness to create 3 dark creatures that were basically the evil versions of the butler, brother, and king. He sent them out to destroy they're good versions. When the king found this out, he, his brother, and his butler went out and faced their dark selves, which had been named the Dark Royalty. A large battle commenced, which nearly destroyed the kingdom, but good triumphed. They cast the Dark Royalty back into the items they had been created and exiled Golithies. But as Golithies was dragged away, he put a curse on the kingdom. When Kirbyville dynasty had their 9th king, the 9th king's kirby brother, and the 9th king would come together with the 3 items again, and an evil larger than he would somun the Dark Royalty again. Arctus plans to Summon the Dark Royalty., then fuse them with that orb we'd seen to create a dark, solid body for himself.

Like it?

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