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State of Administration and Future of N-ES

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State of Administration and Future of N-ES Empty State of Administration and Future of N-ES

Post by Impromptu on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:01 pm

Terra Firma: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skype: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
^ (This leads to a chat I will look over to allow people into the real main chat or the chat they may be most interested in, just as protection against bots/spam.)

Ahoy! I'm Impromptu, and I've been the moderator HQ for four years since February! It sounds like a lot, but there really hasn't been much to do since the big move to Skype in 2014. N-E S has been inactive for a very long time; since about late 2013, many to all of our projects have been cancelled, shut down, or lost in the long list of other responsibilities we've all had to deal with as we have begun to grow up and make our own living. Many of us who had been here at N-E S HQ's beginning are working-age adults now or in college, and we're all very proud of them no matter where they go.

That being said- it must be strange to post something like this after N-E S has been inactive for so long; and in response to that, I don't want people to think N-E S has just up and disappeared, faded away in spite of our motto. It's not true that N-E S is dead. I could go on and on about how N-E S will live forever in our hearts and the core of every project we do in the future, but at the moment, N-E S is very alive on another site. In a different form, and with different people, but it's very alive.

However, there are some important things I need to go through, at the moment:

I. State of the Never-Ending Story HQ Administration:

   The Administrator of N-E S HQ, JasonGuy299, has been inactive on Skype for several months since late 2015, and has also lost login information to his main account here on HQ. The administration will continue as normal, but because the Administrator is no longer able to use power here, no more users can be given moderator or administrative titles or permissions. Furthermore, specific additions to the forum or adjustments its hard coding cannot be made, though the site itself seems to function very well already. I'll do all I can to figure out what I can do with only moderator permissions, but rest assured, it is enough to lead and ensure the forum functions well. (Moderators do have banning privileges.)

II. Results of a Lack of Administrator Privileges
   Because Moderators lack the ability to add to, move, or take away sections of the forum, the forum at the moment cannot be repurposed to accommodate a new story. Although sad, it's just how it goes; and because the forum cannot be repurposed, at the moment this also means that the forum cannot move on from its initial form, evolve, and change with new story ideas. If we are ever to need a forum again for the express sake of N-E S or its successor, the Never-Ending Cycles, (confetti, yaay! hosted by yours truly ;J ) said forum will be made from scratch on a new domain that will be posted in an announcement able to be seen via the Portal.

That being said, N-E S HQ and its existing locations can always be used for anything you can fit here- I will check in occasionally given that there are users interested in using it, however, things are moving forward.

It's been five years since N-E S's current form first began, and I will always be glad to have been a part of it- if not the writing (oogh), the friends and fond memories gathered here have made me into a better person, and I cannot be more thankful for that. Contrary to what my writing skill here can say, it's also made me into a better writer and artist, and at the moment I'm working on many projects- with myself and in collaboration- that I hope will make everyone proud. The others have been doing amazing things on other forums and in their studies/work; Jason and a few others have started a forum called Terra Firma (link on top of post) to host games and roleplays, and at the moment it is flourishing with new and innovative works that have captured much passion and interest in their players and readers. Flint has gone on to study Game Design in college, and I'm currently headed there myself as well! A great amount of writing and artistic talent is developing among everyone else, who have been sharing their works on Terra Firma and Skype.

The light that began here will stretch far, far into tomorrow, and every day beyond. For those who find this, I hope you never underestimate the value of a loving and nurturing place for people to make stories and be creative. It gives me something to look forward to every day, reasons to wake up, and it gives all of us something to relate to as friends and family. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this, and I hope that all of you will help nurture the creative spirit in other people with the things you make and the things you do.

As always, it's been a pleasure working with all of you, and I wish Team N-E S and all the friends we've made a bright and wonderful future!

Keep making great work... and may the light of the stars never fade!

Moderator of Team N-E S HQ
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