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Hello, my precious friends~

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Hello, my precious friends~ Empty Hello, my precious friends~

Post by RoxoraCreator on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:51 pm

Hello guys..
First off, I'm so very sorry for never coming on here anymore, there are many reasons for that, but the main reason is that I lack a computer, and I hate using my IPad, because it is hard for me to use on this website, and very uncomfortable.. >~<
Second off, it's because I just.. don't have the time, or the patience, I suppose. I do things, (or just waste time thinking) and even if it isn't very important, I gotta do them.. And usually when I get onto this website, my mom accuses me of spending too much time on the internet, and that I need to do something productive.
Another reason is that.. I get terrible, uncontrollable anxiety for some odd reason.. I just.. get that terrible feeling, maybe because I feel like I am going to get judged, pr because I can't deal with crowds.. Or just maybe that I don't like how populated this website is getting (no offense to anybody, I just like small groups) but yeah, I don't really know.. :,c
What has been going on with me is.. My cat recently had kittens (1 girl, 4 boys and three are black, and two are grey) and that school has started, giving me much anxiety for my grades, and depression.. because the person that I hate most, the person that ruined my life, that made me hate myself, now freaking goes there. To my school. -.- but uh.. Anyways, yeah, school problems, and the regular depressed crappy feeling.. And I got glasses, yuppiee. Gosh, how blind I was.. o.o
Enough about me.. I want you guys to post some stuff, telling me whats been happening with you, because I'm shy to join chat.. I'm ashamed for many, many things and I'm a coward lol.
I'm so very sorry again for never coming online.. I still love everyone.. You guys keep me from feeling truly alone sometimes..

P.S: Listen to some of these songs, they speak to my soul~ (I apologize if the videos do not work :,c)


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Hello, my precious friends~ Empty Re: Hello, my precious friends~

Post by Impromptu on Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:37 pm

Ahooy, Rox! It's been forever, it's good to see you check in Very Happy (also, the videos work fine;  these songs are so pretty- Timeless and On My Way to Heaven transition into each other really well)

(For future reference, you can post regular talk like this in The Lounge >w<)

I understand that you might not have been able to come around, and it's alright- you can come around whenever you feel like it or are prepared, and lots of us are on Skype ^^) I get a little nervous sometimes, too, but a little time off usually does the trick.

Aww, kitties  >w<) Hope that five kittens aren't too much to take care of.. Do you think you could show us some pictures?

Looks like school's starting for quite a few of us, barreling in with all the pressure and responsibilities that come along with it >.<) If you ever need a helping hand, just post something here or call on one of us >v<)\

With that- welcome to the glasses club Rox, here are some definitely not soul-binding contracts and your commemorative wipe-wipe thing glasses cloth. Take good care of them lenses-

Just started HS myself, and I haven't been able to catch a break for a moment since it started XD Starting marching band and some hard classes, I don't feel prepared at all... (And we're having visitors over for the weekend, so it sure isn't gonna be quiet) I've been away from HQ for quite a bit myself (for the same reason I stated earlier), but I'll be sure to keep close tabs on it when I'm able to.

Having a hard time integrating into the whole high school community, but I'm doing a better job of talking to people than I have before.. which is a start? >w<)'

Otherwise, drawing and writing a lot, thinking about a big comic, the usual.

Hope you'll be able to visit again sometime. ^v^) Wishing you the best every day, and take care!
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Hello, my precious friends~ Empty Re: Hello, my precious friends~

Post by Alae on Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:53 pm

Ahh... Soul music. So nice.

We might get along splendidly if we meet some time.

I've met people like you that have been bullied, that are shy, etc. I can already tell that you have depths of substance (mostly because of your music).

I understand your shyness. I was there. It is much easier to type at text on a screen than to speak with a real human.

Cats - I once had a cat, so I know the time and effort that takes. No worries on keeping up with us. We'll keep up with you if you keep us posted.

Bullies - Yeah, they suck. They're terrible, and the world of an individual like you would be dramatically different if the words and actions they spoke and acted upon you never happened.

So listen: A sword will never form unless it faces intense heat, constant hammering, and friction to sharpen it. You will face much opposition which will test your metal, and when you face it you'll find yourself being formed into your weapon. Then, when you are all sharpened and formed, you can slice back at life when it comes at you and relax as a sturdy blade during the calm.

There's my wisdom. Hope it helps. OH... and if you need someone to talk to. Stick to the ones who understand you the most; Impy for example. I hardly know you, so that might damage my ability to help. Here's some music for me to share with you. I hope it speaks: (Best Audio. Video's nearly irrelevant.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMS30HLopFs

I'll see you again some day.

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Hello, my precious friends~ Empty Re: Hello, my precious friends~

Post by Sponsored content

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