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The Rules of the Forums

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Do we all agree with these?

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The Rules of the Forums Empty The Rules of the Forums

Post by JasonGuy299 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:50 pm

Included in this are the rules to this forum. You've probably already figured that out, though. For the enjoyment of all of us, obey any and all rules included in here. Failure to do so can and will result in appropriate punishment, such as...
-Humiliating you
-Subtracting Contribution points
-Messing up your character in Never-Ending Story
-Locking your topics
-Removing you from usergroups
-Preventing you from posting in certain forums
-Banning you from the forums
Let's begin, shall we?

Flaming and flame wars will not be tolerated and are easily punishable by bans. If flaming is included as part of Never-Ending Story, it may be tolerated to some extent.

Trolls are on no grounds tolerated and will be banned. No exceptions.
Feeding trolls is not tolerated either; however, depending on the situation, punishment may be much less severe.

Constructive Posts
Your posts outside The Junkyard are expected to be constructive to the topic. Violations may result in a wide spectrum of punishments, depending on the nature of previous posts by the user. Spam and fad posts outside The Junkyard, for example, are all eligible for punishment.

Discussion of Illegal Items
Discussion of such items is forbidden and easily punishable with bans. There are no exceptions.

Debate topics are allowed on these forums, but as a reminder from your friendly administrator, it is much more likely to violate the other rules because of their nature. Please use caution and common sense when debating.

Abuse of Messaging
Abuse of private or profile messaging is annoying to users and is easily punishable with moderate punishment, such as a relatively short ban.

Should you notice anyone violating the rules, avoid entering the topic to state this. Instead, report the offending post/message, and either I or the moderators will deal with it accordingly. It is possible to earn Contribution points via reporting; but abusing reports will result in punishment. You should also refrain from posting in the topic saying you are reporting, as this violates other rules.

Ban Evasion
Ban evasion is forbidden and will result in a much longer ban that your previous one. We can easily track this, so don't think about it. If you want to know why you are banned, simply e-mail me. I'll explain it to you.

Please refrain from trying to take our job as moderators. We're here for a reason, you know. If you notice someone violating a rules, don't point it out; report it. We are able to respond to this with slight to moderate punishment. There is an exception to this rule, however; if you are the creator of the topic where the violation takes place, you may do this to a small extent.

Please use grammar in your posts. I do understand that English may not be a language you are fluent in, but nevertheless, you should still try to make your words readable. If your post is unreadable, we reserve the right to determine it as deconstructive.

You may bump a topic if it was between two or three weeks since its last post. If your bump does not fit htis requirement, you may be subject to slight to moderate punishment.

Screen Stretching
You may think it's funny, but it's not at all. Doing this will result in moderate to harsh punishment.

In general, use common sense when advertising. Certain advertising is better than others, but while we can determine whether your advertisement is good or not, opinions are subjective. Usually, discreet forms of advertisement (doing it in your signature is best) that don't involve business qualify as good advertising.

When possible, avoid blood in pictures you post. If your picture is somewhat bloody or higher, link it and place a warning. Failure to do this will result in moderate to harsh punishment.

Posting pornography will get you instantly banned, no exceptions.

Alternate Accounts
We will allow alternate accounts for the purposes of, say, a forum game or to represent a separate character in N-E S, but any other reason will result in a small ban and deletion of the other account. If what we think is an alternate account is actually, say, your sibling who uses your computer, the two of you are required to send a PM explaining this to me at exactly the same time. The PMs should also have contain screen shots which show that under no circumstances could the PMs have been sent by the same person.

We do allow polling, but, like debate, use discretion.

If you have a question concerning these rules, give me (JasonGuy299) a PM.
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